Have you ever looked down and found a penny on the sidewalk? Well, I believe that God put that penny in your path. It is an opportunity to let you know that He is thinking of you. I take the opportunity to thank Him for what he provides for me.

the penny philosophy

Thank you God for providing me food to eat.

Thank you God for providing me a place to live.

Thank you God for the car I drive.

Thank you God for providing the gas in my car.

Thank you God for providing me the clothes I wear.

Thank you God for thinking of me.

After I started thanking God and acknowledging that He was thinking of me whenever I found a coin, I started finding coins in the most unlikely places. I started finding coins when I was in great need of knowing God was present. I once found a penny under a hospital bed when I was caring for a loved one who was dying from cancer. I found 2 quarters under a bench where I was sitting when I was offered my job. When I had a huge fight with my room mate and was so very upset, I found a penny at the gas station right next to my car.

I don't spend the money I find either. I put it in a box. When I feel lost, upset, asking God if He is listening to me, I shake the box and hear all the coins that are in there and I know that He is thinking of me always.

Start thanking God for putting that penny in your path and start feeling His presence in your life.

May God bless you and keep you safe.